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Previously photography fed into video, film, whereas now it is the video itself that forms the essence of his photography. Among his creations is a photograph from the 2018 "short films" series, in which Michlmayr again explores the passage of characters on an escalator.  These appear in Escalator VII but in a slightly more blurred (moving) manner than in the original photograph. 25 native/sec images from a video sequence were assembled into a single photograph from a video of a few seconds in length. The resulting photograph "the ghost of the past" shows, in condensed form, four seconds during which the ruins of a World War II bunker on the French coast disappear underwater and reappear with the waves. At each stage of the flood, the movement of the ebb and flow is visible in the final photograph. Thus was born the final image, striking by its aesthetic and graphic quality thanks to the abstraction of the motif and the compression of space-time. Note that the image is still readable from left to right. .[…]

Raymond Viallon

Le Fantôme du Passé - The Phantom of the Past  / 2018

Reconversion / 2019

Here comes the sun / 2018

La mousse / Foam  / 2018

Court métrage: Les Pèlerin #1 

Urban short film: Pilgrims # 1 / 2019

Les Pèlerin #2 / Pilgrims # 2 / 2019

Intervall / 2018

Waves / 2018

Camp nu / 2019

bateau Mekong / ship Mekong / 2019

Station de bus / Bus stop  / 2018

l’escalier mécanique VII  / escalator VII / 2018

 l’escalier mécanique VI  / escalator VI / 2018

l’escalier / stairs / 2018

passage rurale I / rural passage I / 2021

passage rurale II / rural passage II / 2021

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"The realism of photography creates confusion as to what is real" Susan Sontag