Time Spaces

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In Michael Michmayr's work, different structures of reality confront each other and profoundly change our perception of time and space through images. In his series "Works in Progress - Time Spaces" he deals primarily with urban space, everyday scenarios and the actions that take place there…[…]

Petra Noll-Hammerstiel

Exhibition view © Michael Michlmayr

Time Spaces – Michael Michlmayr’s Photographic Montages

by Patrick Keough - Vasatransmedia

ZeitRäume (deutsch) Time Spaces (english)

by Karin Seidner 

ZeitRäume inszenieren und erinnern (deutsch) Reenacting Time Spaces (english)

by Claudia Marion Stemberger 

Verortete Zeiten - gezeitigte Orte (deutsch) Placed times - timed places (english)

by Theresia Prammer



"The realism of photography creates confusion as to what is real" Susan Sontag