b/w photoarrangements 1997

baryt support

9 x 40 x 40 cms


galleria raccolta, rome, italy

fotogalerie urania, graz, austria

konstakuten gallery, stockholm,sweden,

qainzaine nantaise 2000 nantes, france

Finestra results on the intention of making the cameras view-finder, which normally is only the limiting window every photographer has to look through, become the focus of attention. This „picture“ always shows a selected part of the whole scene, and so I combine the detail with an additional level: those which is in a right angle to the image itself. The subjects mainly deal with the parameters of time, light and shape - the basics of photography. (Michael Michlmayr / June 1998)

Colosseo Q 1998

Finestre 1998

Muro 1998

Vagues 1998

all pictures: © Michael Michlmayr


"The realism of photography creates confusion as to what is real" Susan Sontag