Time Spaces

Courts Métrages | Passages | Rebuildings | Kontinuum  | Galveston  | 2018



Michael Michlmayr’s  “moving pictures” and “still pictures“ from the series KONTINUUM, explore time and space, as well as the condensation of time and space. Quotidian scenes in urban space are filmed from one single position and are then assembled to “film- or phototableaux”. The same film sequence is multiplied and strung together. As a result of the synchronized and unsynchronized film sequences and frames, a new stage of space-time is created.


Petra Noll

Escalatorss 2011

Circulation 2018

Stairwas 2011

Rowers 2015

Space Jet I 2015

Bikers 2015

Skaters 2015

Underview I  2015

Underview II 2015

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all pictures: © Michael Michlmayr