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Michael Michlmayr’s videos, or better said, the “moving pictures” from the series KONTINUUM (Escalator III, TGV5320, Passage, Marathon and Seaside) – as in his other photographic works – explore time and space, as well as the condensation of time and space. Quotidian scenes in urban space are filmed from one single position and are then assembled to “film-tableaux”. The same film sequence is multiplied and strung together. As a result of the synchronized and unsynchronized film sequences, a new stage of space-time is created.

Petra Noll-Hammerstiel

Escalatorss 2011

Circulation 2018

High Life#6  2020

Tram 2020

Stairwas 2011

Rowers 2015

Space Jet I 2015

Bikers 2015

Skaters 2015

Underview I  2015

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"The realism of photography creates confusion as to what is real" Susan Sontag