Mutation 2020

…Through his images, he confronts different structures of reality that profoundly change our perception as spectators. In his works, urban landscapes, architectures, characters or moving objects photographed from a single, fixed point of view, merge and freeze into a single virtual scene that appears authentic but in which time and space become elusive. The association of multiple individual images into a single picture gives rise to the final image whose aesthetic and graphic qualities are due to the abstraction of the motif obtained and the spatio-temporal compression of the subject. Thus, on the borderline between video and photography, Michael Michlmayr captures and assembles everyday scenarios and actions that take place there into a "photographic sequence", creating an ultimate narrative that photographer Duane Michals, the creator of "Real Dreams", would not deny. .[…]

Didier Mandart, Galerie L’angle Handaye France

"The realism of photography creates confusion as to what is real" Susan Sontag