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Since the beginning of the year 2000, an easier access to computer tools has allowed an evolution of his work. In the series "Passages" the idea remains the same but the presentation, the finalization, is different. Indeed, this new tool allows him today to transform the form of the image without altering the substance of his purpose. The shots are still multiple but the images obtained, then associated, added to each other, allow him to obtain a single image of pseudo panoramic or even square shape. However, the field covered by this new image is not that of space as one might a priori believe, but that of time, of temporality... We are thus in the presence of a kind of chronogram of various forms connected to the temporality of the events!
Raymond Viallon
Original text in French

Verortete Zeiten - gezeitigte Orte (deutsch) Placed times - timed places (english)

by Theresia Prammer

Heldenplatz - 2005

Pont des Arts II 2002

Montmartre - 2002

Pont Neuf - 2002

Port Royal - 2002

Luxembourg - 2002

Monument - 2005

Hot Dog - 2005

Belverdere - 2005

Seaside - 2005

Escalier Automatique - 2005

La Place III - 2014

Marsfeld - 2014

Pietons - 2005

Games - 2016

Calanques III - 2012

Autobahn - 2005

Passage #1 - 2012

Passage #2 - 2012

Temple - 2012

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"The realism of photography creates confusion as to what is real" Susan Sontag